The finish for Elias vs. Ricochet match on WWE Raw was botched

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The finish for Elias vs. Ricochet match on WWE Raw was botched

Fans that watched Monday Night Raw may have noticed that the ending for the Elias vs. Ricochet match appeared to have been botched.

Ricochet pinned Elias but Elias had his shoulder up so the match should have continued. Referees are told to call the match as if it’s a shoot so his mistake was counting Elias’ shoulders down instead of telling them to come up with another spot to end the match.

This match was discussed by Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez on Wrestling Observer Radio and Meltzer noted that Elias was not supposed to get his shoulder up.

Meltzer said, “They may do a rematch but I can tell you 100 percent that that was not supposed to happen and that was a Vince call. Vince is like that.”

Meltzer said that he heard from someone who said that this was not supposed to be the start of an angle. Meltzer said, “The plan is not to do anything from it. Vince may insist on it later. The ref botched it, Elias botched it. Elias was supposed to keep the shoulders down. He just didn’t, I don’t know why. The ref counted to three and he shouldn’t have and they called attention to it.”

In the past, whenever there has been a botch on the finish of the match, Vince McMahon has told the announcers to call attention to it and that is what happened on Raw when Elias got his shoulder up. In fact, they played a replay to show that Elias’ shoulders are up.

So, as of now, there are no plans to do an angle from this match but that may change if Vince McMahon decides that they need to follow-up to correct the botched finish and give Ricochet a clean win.

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